Welcome to Recycle with KBK at Home

OUR mission is to eliminate waste of natural and human resources.

As a family, we took a good look at our personal waste habits and realized each of us nneded to fine tune our own.
While learning and adapting, we could encourage others, to do the same, right with their own families, in their own homes.
Recycle with KBK at Home is about Recycling, ReUsing, and ReThinking the way we live daily on this planet.

Our products, services, news briefs, opportunities to share and explore on the recycle blog, should help to assist others in eliminating sensless waste.

We invite YOU to join US to Recycle and make a Difference where you live!

Karen, Brian and Keith



"When the boys were young they picked up and saved aluminum cans for money. They did not realize the true purpose of recycling at their young age."

"I feel that recycling is a simple
and an obvious way that anyone
can begin to reduce their ecological footprint."

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"It is time we all get on board and consider what we have been throwing away? Just where has it been going to? The smartest thing is to rethink the stuff we are buying. Recycling is only one step of the rocess."

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